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If you are interested in sharing your Indie Music with RIFF. Please note that we charge a one Life Time Membership fee of $25.00 USA dollars.

To enroll your music use the contact form and make sure to write "I ACCEPT". Do not send music until you are contacted by our Music Director for future details. We do not accept sending links through this submitting form.

About Me

R.I.F.F.'s core purpose is to bring down the house, and represent International Indie music artists who act as a broker for themselves, and forego the expensive costs, as well as smaller income, of Big Labels.


We are a Internet Radio Station that basks in the richness of educating, build fan base, inspiring, give hope and promoting Independent Indie music over the Internet airwaves and connect to all social media platforms.


RIFF makes no money off the artist! It is our mission to encourage the public to stop downloading music for free and support music artist/bands by buying their music!


Thanks for submitting!