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Rising Indie Star: Bobi Serafimo aka Bobi Serafimovski

Updated: Jul 17

A Composer, Producer, Arranger and Multi-Instrumentalist is a Global Independent Indie Artist. Mr. Serafimo brings a unique international flare and the flavor of Europe to Music on Mack Avenue and in the United States. A native of Macedonia, a modern country in Southeastern Europe bordering Greece, his cultural roots and strong historical tradition are evident in his original compositions, film, and TV scores.

Bobi continues to be in demand playing and recording with many notables across Europe. With three recording projects under the production of Macedonian National Radio and Television, Bobi continues to create music for the network. It didn’t take long for Bobi to spread his wings and ventures into the USA when he collaborates with world wide musicians in Jazz, Blues, Funk, an Ambient. Connecting to the right Radio and Internet Broadcasting stations, Bobi’s music is accepted with arms opened wide!

Till this day as a talented and highly skilled composer and musician, Bobi strives for perfection and enjoys the challenge of introducing his music to the film and television industry. His divine Soundtrack music is instantly approved and becomes recognized world wide.

We are proud to support a Rising Indie Artist that has been very busy in the Film/Music Industry. RIFF has been a huge supporter since Bobi shared his Jazzy songs with our global station. We beam with joy watching Bobi cruising along nicely having his music accepted in the music/film industry. Brilliant Music Composer from Macedonia, Bobi Serafimo. Bobi's diverse tracks can always be listened on our 24/7 Auto Jock. Please check out this creative diverse artist link and his Outstanding Superb Soundtracks with "Snow Black" Movie.

Bobi Serafimo Sound Track is with Meyham Films, and Maverick Entertainment: https://www.facebook.com/snowblackmovie/

Check out more of Bobi's creative music side on his website with Wix: https://bsfilmsmusic19.wixsite.com/bobiserafimo/music

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